Health care remains under fire for thousands of Oklahomans

Please take a moment to contact your public leaders insist they fund Medicaid/SoonerCare health insurance coverage for low-income Oklahomans. If Oklahoma does not provide this assistance for medical and mental health, hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans will lose access to health care, will be forced to access health care through more expensive emergency room visits, hospitals and other care providers will be forced to close, and our state economy will continue to suffer. You can write and call our leaders at the contacts below. 
The Honorable Mary Fallin
Governor of Oklahoma
Oklahoma State Capitol
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 212
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 521-2342

Senator Jim Halligan
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 425 
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Executive Assistant: Deborah Curry

State Representative Lee Denney

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room  411
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 557-7304 
Legislative Assistant: Suzanne Earnest 

State Representative Cory Williams

2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room  544
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 557-7411 

Legislative Assistant: Kandi Hoehner 
(405) 557-7411


 Nikkie Dunnigan, LPC
The Play Place, LLC

 Mental Health Services for Children and Families